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Financial Basics

99 financial terms every beginner, entrepreneur & business should know. Explained in detail, with examples, and in alphabetical order.

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Personal Finance

Make more informed and educated personal finance decisions by understanding personal finance terms that empower you.

Most Important Personal Finance Terms You Should Know

Real Estate

Give yourself peace of mind by having a basic understanding of important real estate concepts before you invest, buy or sell your home.

Essential Real Estate Terms You Should Know

Take Control of Your Financial Present and Future

Whenever you hear someone speak personal finance, do you feel like you’re learning a foreign language? Do you feel lost when reading or hearing financial terminology from your bank, insurance, investment agent or the IRS?

You’re not alone!

For instance, feeling confident when discussing the business’s financial needs
should be a priority for every small business owner.

Make Your Finance Less of a Mystery

In order to become savvy about your own finances, you need to understand a few useful financial definitions. This compilation of financial terms is a comprehensive list of various financial words or concepts that you are likely to come across in your financial expedition.

Every financial term in these books is explained in detail,
with clear and concise article style description and practical examples!

Get Smart with the Financial IQ Series

The Herold Financial IQ series covers all major areas and aspects in the financial world. Starting with Personal Finance, Real Estate and Banking term. Covering Corporate Finance, Investment as well as Economics. Also includes Retirement, Trading, and Accounting terms. In addition, you’ll find Debt, Bankruptcy, Mortgage, Small Business, and Wall Street terminology explained. Not to forget Laws & Regulations as well as important acronyms and abbreviations.

Availabe as E-Book, Paperback and Audio edition.


Understanding these seemingly difficult terms will help you navigate the complex world of personal banking with ease.

Essential Banks & Banking Terms You Should Know


To run a business, you need to know about capital – without money, operating a business becomes an impossible task.

Essential Corporate Finance Terms You Should Know


Understand economic terms will help you eliminating confusion, and get better prepared for economic changes.

Essential Economic Terms You Should Know


Are you learning about investing? Then it’s important that you learn and understand some basic investment terminology.

Essential Investment Terms You Should Know


As a small business owner, one of the first things you should do is make sure you have a basic understanding of accounting terms.

Essential Accounting Terms You Should Know


Are you approaching that golden age of retirement? Get familiar with some of the most common words you’ll encounter.

Essential Retirements Terms You Should Know


To fully get to grips with learning the stock market, you first need to understand all the different terminology that is often used.

Essential Stock Trading Terms You Should Know


Taking time to understand the vocabulary can help you with your debt restructuring or bankruptcy planning and eliminating confusion.

Debt & Bankruptcy Terms You Should Know


This practical glossary with alphabetical order will help you understand most common mortgage terms that you might encounter.

Essential Mortgage Terms You Should Know


Before you let yourself get intimidated by all the business finance terms and lingo, just remember that knowledge is power.

Essential Small Business Terms You Should Know

Wall Street

Whether you’re just flirting with investing or head-over-heels for the stock market, you’ll eventually need to know some phrases.

Most Important Wall Street Terms You Should Know


This practical glossary compiles a list of 140 most common financial laws & regulations you’re likely to encounter.

Understand Most Common Financial Laws & Regulations

People talk about Herold Financial IQ Books…

“Unfortunately, many people never learned and have had to teach themselves about personal finance. Luckily, great books like these are written by knowledgeable people like Thomas Herold. This book will make it easy for those struggling.

The way it is written is in such an easy, simple way and will really teach you a lot without getting frustrated. He uses examples, easy terms and defines things in an understanding way. This book is a great guide, and I highly recommend reading it to anyone in any stage of their life.”

“This book is amazing. When I was a kid I didn’t have the best roll models financially. My parents had 5 kids and a menagerie of animals us kids insisted we needed and really didn’t do a whole lot of saving.

Of course now my dad is struggling in retirement. He doesn’t want that for use kids so he’s made a point to push us as adults to make better choices than they did. All of us kids have made significant effort to do better, and as I am venturing into making more financial decisions this book really helped to clear up some of my questions and helped me understand more about the actions I need to take to achieve my financial goals by providing insight into what each of things does for you and how they can help or hinder financial growth.

I highly recommend this to anyone! The younger you are when you read it the better!”

“With the Blockchain technology entering the financial markets, most Financial books or dictionaries have become more or less obsolete, since they do not include any of the terms related to it. I found this compilation of terms –and their significance- very helpful for anyone; especially those in the desire of opening a new business or having a career in the Finance Field.

Moreover, some of the terms need to be understood by the majority of the people, regarding their profession; terms related to bank credits, house mortgages, etc. While one may assume that everyone knows what a “wire transfer” is, actually most people have a vague idea of concepts similar to this but d not fully comprehend them.

The explanations are super user-friendly. I would’ve expected an index, a prologue or a conclusion of some sort. Other than that, I found it very helpful.”

“I found 99 Financial Terms for Every Beginner very helpful. The reason I bought this book is because I got married recently and moved to a new country, as a result of which I believed it was pertinent for me to know some basic financial terms. My husband and I are students at the moment but will start working by the end of this year, or even sooner, and then will look to start investing our money in order to make some savings.

This book came in really handy for someone who hasn’t studied anything related to finance after graduating a few years ago. It helped me navigate a lot of tricky and confusing terms and now I am able to prepare some sort of investment plan or generate some ideas with my husband without being completely clueless! Very helpful book!”

Improve Your Financial Literacy Today

The average person loses $9,700* because of bad financial decisions.
Don’t let this happen to you!

99 Financial Terms Every Beginner, Entrepreneur and Business Should Know

  • This practical guide contains 99 most commonly used financial terms every Beginner, Entrepreneur & Business should know.
  • Every financial term is explained in detail, with clear and concise article style description and practical examples!
  • It will help you manage your money better, and make you feel more comfortable with any financial decision.
  • * Based on a survey from the Financial Educators Council

The Herold Financial IQ Series is the Gold Standard for Financial Dictionary Books


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