Thomas Herold is the founder and business owner of Herold Financial IQ

He published 48 books with over 250,000 copies distributed worldwide and is the founder of seven online businesses.

For over ten years Thomas Herold has studied the monetary system and has experienced some profound insights on how money and wealth are related. After three years of successful investing in silver, he released ‘Building Wealth with Silver – How to Profit From The Biggest Wealth Transfer in History’ in 2012. One of the first books that illustrate in a remarkable, simple way the monetary system and its consequences.

Financial Terms Online Dictionary
He is the founder and CEO of the ‘Financial Terms Dictionary’ book series and website, which explains in detail and comprehensive form over 1000 financial terms. In his financial book series, he informs in detail and with practical examples all aspects of the financial sector. His educational materials are designed to help people get started with financial education.

The Money Deception
In his 2018 released book ‘The Money Deception’, Mr. Herold provides the most sophisticated insight and shocking details about the current monetary system. Never before has the massive manipulation of money caused so much economic inequality in the world. In spite of these frightening facts, ‘The Money Deception’ also provides remarkable and simple solutions to create abundance for all people, and it’s a must read if you want to survive the global monetary transformation that’s underway right now.

Success with Amazon Advertising
The ‘The Essential Guide to Amazon Advertising’ and ‘Make It Click’ – published in 2018 – is the result of over two years of advertising experience. It’s a treasure for every self-publishing author that wants to attract new readers and sell more books.

Herold Financial IQ Series
In 2019 he released an entirely new financial book series explaining in detail and with practical examples over 1000 financial terms. The ‘Herold Financial IQ Series’ contains 16 titles covering every category of the financial market. By the end of 2019 all books will be availabe as audiobooks from Audible.