This practical glossary compiles a list of 140 most common financial acronyms and abbreviations you’re likely to encounter in alphabetical order.

Most Important Financial Acronyms You Should Know

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Most Important Financial Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

The business world is packed with terms and acronyms. Just like in any industry, the financial sector uses lots of acronyms. Financial abbreviations are commonly asked in banking exams.

This practical glossary compiles a list of 140 most common financial acronyms and abbreviations you’re likely to encounter in alphabetical order.

IBPS SO, IPPB Officer, IBPS RRB, RBI, LIC AAO, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, and other banking exams test your knowledge in banking & financial area.

For Students & Professionals
It is intended for students and professionals in the field of finance as well as private investors and the readers of the financial pages of newspapers.

Professionals working in or involved with banking and finance, and for students, whether studying A-Levels, degree or professional qualifications in banking and finance.

Every financial acronym is explained in detail, with clear and concise article style description and practical examples.

This dictionary of financial acronyms covers the expanding and influential field of foreign exchange, treasury, money and capital markets, sovereign and corporate debt, financial futures and options, public sector borrowing, mortgage-backed assets, equities, commodities, business loans and debt collecting, money supply, macro-economic terms, technical analysis and derivatives, government & local finance, central banking, and European finance.

Learn Financial Acronyms with Ease
This dictionary of financial acronyms & abbreviations provides comprehensive coverage of the terms used in banking and finance, ranging from personal bank accounts to international money markets.

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Available December 2019

‘Something that is always needed’

Great book to introduce you to the key concepts of finance acronyms and abbreviations, as they apply to every person in a company. If you’re working in finance, you likely already know this information, but if you’re in any other department, it is the perfect book. Easy to read, easy to understand, and I have been able to apply the ideas right away.

I wish this was the introductory text in MBA programs – great place to start, as finance is, more than anything, a language. I am in sales and found the ideas a great reminder of how to position the financial value of by products. I encourage anyone who wants to get ahead in their job to listen this, and then think about your company and how to apply the ideas. In this day and age, Financial Acronyms is critical to getting ahead!


I don’t normally write reviews, but I have to say this is the best financial book I’ve ever read. I have spent the past 15 or so years at the coo level with finance reporting to me. And while i’m financially savvy, I have no formal financial education. I’m a believer that finance, like any profession or industry, gets bogged down in its own set of acronyms and language. That in and of itself creates the silos too often found in organizations. Sales has it, marketing has it, hr has it, etc…etc…

I always try to break down barriers, and most of my time is spent as a translator. Truth be told, I’ve always struggled with translating the financial lingo. This book did it for me and has helped me paint a picture and tell the story behind it so everyone understands. Kudos to the authors!

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