Essential Banks & Banking Terms You Should Know

Banking is full of terms and concepts that can be difficult to comprehend. Even common ones have features that may not be obvious. But with banking and finance becoming such an important part of our daily lives, taking the time to learn some new phrases – or understand old ones better – could yield profitable results.

Understanding these seemingly difficult terms will help you navigate the complex world of personal banking with ease.

In this practical glossary, you will find over 150 essential banking terms you should know if:

  • You want to get a job in a bank
  • You want to travel for business or do business in another country.
  • You simply be doing business in English, and you feel the need to understand some banking-related words.

You’re studying business English or economics, knowing some banking terms will also help you a lot with your vocabulary.

Taking time to understand banks & banking vocabulary can help you as a buyer or seller. It also helps with educating on the process, eliminating confusion, and get better prepared for swift and smooth financial transactions of any kind.

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