This practical corporate finance glossary compiles a list of 150 most common terms you’re likely to encounter in alphabetical order.

Essential Corporate Finance Terms You Should Know

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Essential Corporate Finance Terms You Should Know

Business involves decisions which have financial consequences and any decision that involves the use of money is said to be a corporate finance decision.

Corporate finance is one of the most important parts of the finance domain as to whether the organization is big or small they raise and deploy capital in order to survive and grow.

This practical glossary compiles a list of 150 most common terms you’re likely to encounter in alphabetical order.

Every corporate finance term is explained in detail, with clear and concise article style description and practical examples. Covering every aspect of the corporate business like:

  • Capital Investments
  • Capital Financing
  • Dividends & Return of Capital
  • Short-Term Liquidity
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Capital Sources

Make Corporate Finance Less of a Mystery
To run a business, you need to know about capital – without money, operating a business becomes an impossible task.

When it comes to knowing where, when and how to get the capital and perhaps more importantly, how to allocate the capital and make use of it, you must learn about corporate finance.

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‘Some Real Value Here!’

Good course touching upon most of the corporate finance concepts related to personal finance, real estate and banking term. investment, trading, accounting terms, debt, bankruptcy, mortgage, small business, and wall street terminology etc. However, one needs to take away the learning and do further research on the items. Lots of good important phenomena mentioned in the relevant content. The Herold Financial IQ series really covers all major areas and aspects in the financial world.

‘Solid Understanding’

What a great course to get a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Corporate Finance. As someone who has a background in Finance what I really liked was how clear Herold makes the content. His style is easy to understand and the content is given in clear bites, not too much, not too little. Great course, I highly recommend it.

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