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This practical glossary contains 99 most commonly used business finance terms and definitions in alphabetical order.

Most Important Personal Finance Terms You Should Know

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Most Important Personal Finance Terms You Should Know

Not quite sure you’ve got a handle on basic personal finance terms? You’re not alone. Personal finance isn’t something most of us learn about in school.

You pick up things as you go through life and usually learn by trial and error. As a result, it can happen that you run across a word in your financial life that you don’t know.

  • Not sure what a Roth IRA is?
  • Uncertain about the Estate Tax?
  • Want to learn more about compounding interest?
  • Completely ignorant about anything financial?

Then this is for you!

Personal finance is an important area of knowledge to understand, but it can also be confusing for those who are not professionally trained financial advisors.

A basic understanding of personal finance terminology can empower you to make more informed and educated personal finance decisions.

Regardless of your age or earning power, it’s important to understand how common personal finance terms apply to your financial life.

It’s easy to get hung up on confusing terms when making a big financial decision. This practical glossary demystifies personal finance so that you can focus on what’s important – taking control of your money!

  • This practical glossary book compiles a list of over 130 most common personal finance terms you’re likely to encounter.
  • Every term is explained in detail, with clear and concise article style description and practical examples.

Understanding personal finance terminology, whether you have a dedicated financial planner or not, makes it easier to manage your money in a way that makes sense and works for you, and with no surprises due to lack of understanding.

Make Personal Finance Less of a Mystery
Understanding the terminology can allow you to make decisions more quickly and easily. This is something that is important in the fast-moving world of personal finance.

Buying a new car, deciding about retirement benefits, or even choosing which checking account to open can be time-sensitive decisions, and understanding the basic terminology can make it easier!

With this knowledge, you’ll be empowered to take control of your financial present and future.

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Very Basic to intermediate level course for everyone who wants understand personal finances or just for refresher, I highly recommend this audible, very well organized instructors deliver even better what I have expected to be.

This is a Gold mine for Teenagers, Adults or even for every person who is living on planet earth for great survival and early retirements.

‘Great Narration and Easy to Understand’

When I first began this course, I had no idea how much exposure was missing from my knowledge base. It was great to get a personal look at an expert making decisions on a financial platform.

This course has a great instructor and invaluable nuggets of information. I recommend it to all who have an interest in the financial markets. Thanks Herold!

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